2022 Design Trends

January 14, 2022

With more people becoming aware of their environmental impact and simultaneously spending more time indoors than ever before, we seem to be seeing a return to a more natural finish around the home. 

With greens, both bold and muted on everyones list for this year, we are also seeing more unfinished wood pieces becoming ever more popular to compliment this.  

We are also seeing a big swing towards more natural tones, such as browns and beige - customers seem to be leaning towards a cleaner palette now that they are spending more time at home. 

This doesn’t mean that dark hardware has had its moment. In fact it could be the opposite. With these cleaner palettes, statement pieces of furniture with Bold colours such as Pantone’s colour of the year - Very Peri are now more popular than ever. 

Rooms are now being expected to serve more than one purpose. With kitchens becoming the boardroom, and living rooms becoming your office. Furniture has to be able to serve both your home and work life. Curves are seeing a comeback in home furnishing, being views as more welcoming and homely than the angular pieces we have seen of late. Having said this, the view is that in 2022 we may start to see a return to more defined spaces in the home rather than open plan living. 

Mixing materials - 2021 saw much more material mixing than has been used in previous years, and this trend appears to be growing stronger in 2022. Mixing dark woods with metals and natural woods with clean linen interiors, both reminiscent of late 80s interiors. A combination of both idyllic and industrial - more exposed brick and modern concrete.