Blum – Pull-Out Shelf Lock

May 1, 2020

Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. That is why we have developed a practical lock-open stop for our pull-out shelves with full extension. The discreet and space-saving mechanism securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

Pull-out shelves are locked in position exactly where they are needed, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or utility room. Create additional flexible worktop and shelf space. Mobilise kitchen gadgets and appliances, make them easy to use, and magic pull-out shelves away again in seconds.

The lock engages securely on both sides when the pull-out shelf is fully extended and holds firmly in place. It can be easily released with one hand thanks to a synchronisation shaft. To unlock, simply lift the lever.

You can upgrade your pull-out shelf with a pull-out shelf lock in just a few steps.

Take a look and get yours here.