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Terms & Conditions

Football Competition:

• To enter, customers must place one or more orders between 14th May and 8th June.
• The 32 highest value orders placed over this period will receive a prize, to be determined as follows:
• These 32 Customers will be contacted and asked to choose the country they think will win the World Cup
• The customer with the highest order value will have first choice from all 32 countries competing. The 2nd largest order will have the pick of the remaining 31 countries and so on until all countries have been allocated.
• First prize will go to the customer who chose the winning country, 2nd prize to the losing finalist and so on, with prizes 17-32 going to the countries that lost in the first round.
• We MUST have a contact name and number. Without this that order will be skipped and passed to the next one down.
• Each person / company can have only one place in the competition.
• By entering, each person / company gives consent that we may publish their name and photo of them with the prize if they are the overall winner.
• Prizes will be awarded and dispatched within ten days of the World Cup ending.
• All customers must be based in the UK to qualify.

Retweet Competition:
• By following Isaac Lord on twitter and retweeting the Competition tweet you will be entered into a prize draw for a Makita Radio.
• The winner will be selected using a random number generator.
• By entering this draw the participant is giving consent to have their name and photo published if they are the successful participant.
• All customers must be based in the UK to qualify.