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  • Blum Tools

    Blum Assembly Devices and Templates help to ensure the accurate assembly of Blum products.

  • Blum Runners

    Runners and slides are the components used to enable drawers to slide in and out smoothly safely and effortlessly. Selecting the right Blum runners and slides can provide years of flawless operation.

  • Blum Box Systems

    Blum box systems can be customised to meet almost all requirements. Irrespective of the size and specification of the kitchen, a Blum box system can take convenience, practically and visual prestige to the next level.

  • Blum Hinges

    Blum Hinges are widely considered to set an industry benchmark for over forty years. With equal emphasis on style and practically, Blum's Hinges are also easy to install and practically maintenance-free.

  • Blum Lift Systems

    A Blum lift system is a bespoke combination of components designed for easy, safe and convenient cabinet door operation. Unlike conventional hinges, lift systems are designed to support vertical-opening cabinet doors.