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Hinge closing options

Blum Hinges are also available with a variety of different closing styles, including free-swing hinges, soft-closing BLUMOTION hinges and self-closing hinges. All of which can be selected in accodance with individual preferences, with no detrimental impact on the quality or practicality of the cabinets.

How many hinges do I need?

Determining how many Blum Hinges are needed for any given project means taking into account the size and weight of the door. For example, a door of 43 inches in height and a weight of around 6kg should be attached to the frame using three hinges. By contrast, a door with a height of 20 inches and an approximate weight of 3kg will usually require two hinges.

Always consider your requirements in accordance with the maximum load capacity of the hinges you plan to use. Not to mention, the maximum angle hinge will allow the door to open – aka the ‘degree of opening’. Some hinges are limited to a 90o opening angle, while others support angles of up to 270o.

Maintaining Blum hinges

The entire range of Blum Hinges has been designed to be almost entirely maintenance-free. If the hinges are kept clean and in good condition (in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines), Blum hinges guarantee many years of flawless performance.

In the event that Blum Hinges need to be replaced, doing so is as simple as swapping out the faulty component in question with a few twists of screwdriver.

The periodic application of an approved lubricant may be recommended after several years, though Blum Hinges are typically 100% maintenance-free indefinitely.