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  • Aventos HK-S

    Designed for smaller lifting systems in taller cabinets, the Aventos HK-S lift system uses an upward pivot motion to lift and hold the front of the cabinet in place.

  • Aventos HK-XS

    Suitable for the smallest wall cabinet front lift systems, the Aventos HK-XS lift system is exceptionally compact and discreet with an extensive range of applications.

  • Aventos HL

    A parallel wall cabinet opening system with an extensive range of practical applications, the Aventos HL left system allows for the concealment of appliances and electronics behind cabinet doors.

  • Aventos HF

    The Aventos HF lift system is an innovative collection of components and accessories for bi-folding wall cabinet fronts. Ideal for mid and high wall units, featuring Blum's variable stop system for added convenience and versatility.

  • Aventos HK Top

    The perfect choice for safely and effortlessly lifting heavy or front panels, the Aventos HK lift system uses an upward pivot that can be adjusted to suit all loads.