Understanding the Lamello P-System

October 3, 2019

The P-System is based on a groove with an undercut, into which connectors with various functions can be inserted, ensuring form-locking anchorage. During the process, the cutter moves downwards to the maximum depth and moves sideways in order to create the profile groove.

There are two options for creating the P-System groove:

Power tool - Zeta P2

Quick and easy to handle, with a range of applications. Any angle can be cut in a very short space of time, as no set-up time, software or programming is required. The cutting depth can be adjusted in next to no time. The machine is therefore ideal for cutting individual parts, smaller series, prototypes or working on site.

CNC technology

Ideal for series production. From CAD to the CAM system, direct to the CNC machine – this makes the process faster, reduces the planning time and lowers the risk of errors for repeat orders. The speed when processing larger series on the CNC machine makes the P-System an extremely quick, ef cient system, from processing through to assembly.

- Small opening 6mm, differentiation to furniture standards
Stackable with pre-installed connector, advantages in
packaging, transport and logistics
Short assembly time on site, minimal installation cost
Versatility for all angles,
same system for all joining situations
Freedom of choice during assembly, detachable or glued construction

- Glue faster, wipe off excess glue and it‘s ready
– High clamping force, without clamps or presses – Perfect aesthetics, completely invisible
Versatile, simple gluing at various angles
– Tool-free connector installation, quick and easy without

Completely invisible joint for highest quality standards
Joins and clamps during insertion for perfectly closed joints
Efficient machining and installation with a CNC or a Zeta based on the P-System
- Narrow element for the use in shelves from 18 mm
– No resistance while inserting until shortly before building the clamping force
Insertion of shelves after transport for lower transport weight