Blum Lift Systems Buyer Guide

Blum Lift Systems Buyer Guide

Since 1977, Blum has spent more than four decades perfecting custom kitchen component design, including the innovative lift system. Blum offers an extensive range of kitchen cabinet products and accessories to bring order and simplicity to the most important living space.

What are Blum lift systems?

A Blum lift system is a bespoke combination of components designed for easy, safe and convenient cabinet door operation. Unlike conventional hinges, Blum lift systems are designed to support vertical-opening cabinet doors of all shapes, sizes and weights.

The Blum lift system includes the cutting-edge Aventos lift system, which has been designed from top to bottom with practicality and movement in mind. Some of the key benefits of the Blum lift system for cabinet doors include:

  • Full access – The Aventos lift system ensures maximum freedom of movement, keeping the cabinet door completely out of the way while accessing the cupboard contents.
  • Opening and closing ease – All Blum lift system components can be adjusted to support a variety of cabinet door weights, ensuring effortless opening and closing at all times.
  • Holds in any position – Rather than simply being open or closed, this elite system of vertical opening accessories safely and securely holds the door in any position, with variable stop technology.
  • Harmonious Design – Seamless visual design lies at the heart of the Aventos system, which is kept 100% invisible from view when the cabinet doors are closed.
  • Award-winning expertise – The Aventos system is from an established and reputable manufacturer, which has received numerous international awards over the years.

Blum’s lift systems are the ultimate in prestige and practicality for classical and contemporary kitchens alike. All of which are designed with quick and easy installation in mind, with no specialist knowledge or experience required.

Types of Blum lift systems

Every product and component across the Blum lift systems collection has been extensively refined over the years. The cutting-edge Aventos lift system component collection features an extensive range of products and accessories to suit all requirements.

The Blum lift system versions currently available are:

Aventos HF lift system

The Aventos HF lift system is an innovative collection of components and accessories for bi-folding wall cabinet fronts. Ideal for mid and high wall units, featuring Blum’s variable stop system for added convenience and versatility.

Aventos HS lift system

Designed to safely and effortlessly lay lift larger wall cabinet fronts up and over the cabinet, the Aventos HS lift system is ideal for wall cabinets with cornice or crown mouldings.

Aventos HL lift system

A parallel wall cabinet opening system with an extensive range of practical applications, the Aventos HL lift system allows for the concealment of appliances and electronics behind cabinet doors.

Aventos HK lift system

The perfect choice for safely and effortlessly lifting heavy or front panels, the Aventos HK lift system uses an upward pivot motion that can be adjusted to suit all loads.

Aventos HK-S lift system

Designed for smaller lifting systems in taller cabinets, the Aventos HK-S lift system uses an upward pivot motion to lift and hold the front of the cabinet in place.

Aventos HK-XS lift system

Suitable for the smallest wall cabinet front lift systems, the Aventos HK-XS lift system is exceptionally compact and discreet with an extensive range of applications.

Across the range, each and every Blum lift system can be heavily customised to suit almost any front lifting cabinet requirement.

How to use Blum lift systems

Blum has expertly designed every component of its cupboard lift systems and accessories with quick and easy installation in mind. The doors and lever arms instantly snap together, with no tools required whatsoever. After which, it’s simply a case of making three-dimensional adjustments to ensure a flawless fit using nothing more than a screwdriver.

All Blum lift system components have their own maximum load capacities, along with vertical and horizontal opening movements.

It’s therefore important to consider the cabinet door weight and preferences of the end-user, before selecting appropriate components. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you select safe and appropriate components for your Blum Lift System.

How to maintain Blum lift systems

All Blum lift systems and related components are designed to be 100% maintenance-free. Backed by an extensive warranty from the manufacturer for total peace of mind, even the simplest Blum components and accessories are guaranteed to stand up to vigorous use.

In the event that any Blum component develops an issue, the replacement process couldn’t be easier. With no specialist tools required, it’s as simple as swapping out the faulty component with a replacement – often with no more than a few turns of a screwdriver.