Blum Runners and Slides Buyer Guide

Blum runners and slides buyer guide

Selecting the right Blum runners and slides can provide years of flawless operation. Drawer runners and slides are available in an extensive range of sizes and specifications.  However, the requirements of the project, cabinet hardware and the preferences of the user must be carefully considered.

What are runners and slides?

Runners and slides are the components used to enable drawers to slide in and out smoothly, safely and effortlessly. The vast majority of runners and slides consist of two primary components – an inner component that attaches to the drawer itself, along with an outer component that is fixed to the cabinet.

This is the most basic type of drawer runner, with the more advanced Blum runners and slides providing additional features and functionalities. From feather-light gliding to soft closing Blue Motion drawer runners to enhanced weight capacities, Blum runners and slides represent the ultimate in performance for the contemporary kitchen.

Types of Blum runners and slides

Blum’s diverse collection of runners and sliders includes the following three primary product categories:

Movento drawer runners

Movento draw runners have been designed with precision and performance in mind, featuring smooth and synchronised running with new adjustment options.

  • Synchronised feather-light glide – The essence effortlessness, afforded by low-friction nylon rollers and flawless synchronisation.
  • Adjustment features – New adjustment options across the Movento collection now support depth and side adjustment, for even more precise gap alignment.
  • Load bearing capacity and stability – The Movento range of runners and slides can accommodate an impressive maximum weight capacity of up to 60kg.
  • Handle-less designs – Choose from a variety of handled systems or handle-less drawer solutions to suit all interior spaces and user preferences.

Tandem drawer runners

Designed with total practicality and versatility in mind, the Blum Tandem draw runners and slides are suitable for the vast majority of applications with a wide range of customisation options.

  • Feather-light glide for a lifetime – All Movento components are meticulously designed to deliver a feather-light glide for all installations.
  • Comprehensive range – All requirements and preferences are covered with an extensive range capable of load bearing up to 50kg.
  • Fast assembly, easy fine tuning – Blum’s cutting-edge runners and slides have been designed to simplify installation, assembly and all subsequent adjustments.
  • Improved stability – Optional side stabilisation allows for extra long and wide pullouts, with comprehensive sag resistance and improved overall safety.

Standard drawer runners

One of the most popular products, Blum standard drawer runners represent the culmination of decades of research, development and feedback from customers worldwide.

  • Good running action and high stability – The Blum Standard collection brings simplicity and precise performance to all living spaces around the home at an affordable price.
  • Superior quality and compatibility – Components can be integrated into almost any new or existing Blum box system around the home with ease and efficiency.
  • Full and single extensions – Standard full and single extensions open the door to limitless possibilities in classical and contemporary interiors alike.

All three collections of Blum runners and slides guarantee the ultimate in long-term value for money, consistently outperforming comparable components from rival manufacturers.

How to choose Blum runners and slides

Quality standards across the entire Blum runners and slides collection are unbeatable, so it’s simply a case of ensuring your requirements and preferences are met.

The most important factors to consider when choosing Blum runners and slides include:

Maximum load capacity

This is of particularly high importance in kitchens, where drawers are used to store relatively heavy items and products. It is essential to ensure that the runners and slides you use can comfortably support the weight of the draw, without being pushed to their limits.

Maximum extension

This is essentially the extent to which the drawers can be pulled out of the cabinet. Shallow drawers can be problematic in a kitchen environment, making it difficult to reach the contents at the back so consider full extension drawer runners.

Additional functions

Additional functions like Blue Motion soft closing, automatic closing, handle-less opening are often preferred. Some drawers can even be opened and closed with an elbow or knee for maximum convenience, thanks to Blum Tipon runners.

Ease of assembly

Ideally, it is also preferable to choose Blum runners and slides that are as quick and easy to assemble as possible. All subsequent adjustments and fine-tuning is effortless and require no specialist tools or equipment.

How to maintain Blum runners and slides

All Blum runners and slides are designed to be 100% maintenance-free for the long-term. In the event that a component develops a fault at some point in the future, please refer to the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guidelines for more information.